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Just read the June 2008 issue of the Believer, which to be honest, is a magazine I haven’t picked up in a while. Anyway, it was very good, and I particularly enjoyed the articles Fatima: An Oral History and Kiddie Orientalism. The Fatima article in particular is outstanding, and I’m hoping the magazine will release it fully online so that more can read it. In any event, I’ll definitely be picking up the book (which comes out via McSweeney’s in a few months).

Oh yeah, Mad Hot Ballroom is a great movie.


drawingmowillemspigeonLast Friday, Hannah came to the lab with me, and immediately went about drawing pictures of pigeons everywhere. This was inspired by a recent event where we got to check out Mo Willems of “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” fame. Anyway, Mr. Willems was awesome and even went over a How To session and got everyone drawing pigeons.

This totally reminded me of this most excellent video on how to draw giraffes from the Wholphin blog – very much worth a visit, especially if being able to draw a giraffe is one of your goals in life.

I was quite surprised at how much Hannah remembered of the Mo Willems’ How To. She even drew out the instructions as she remembered them. I love the part that says “…well, birds legs…”
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Here’s Hannah going one on one with Darth Vader, when we were in Disneyland recently. Just testing the Flickr video option, which, by all accounts, is pretty cool…

Also: Unicorns are the answer, seriously. A lovely speech given by JK Rowling. Kung Fu Panda, I’d say is worth the look, but then I think that would be especially so, if the thought of kung fu + jack black sounds intriguing. Finally, recently checked out this graphic novel star wars parody, and quite enjoyed the geeky jokes and great art. I especially liked this picture from the comic.
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Wish this wasn’t just in purple – a nice grey would’ve been nice, like below. (link)
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This TED talks by Sir Ken Robinson, which posits that creativity should have equal prominence in public education as literacy, is just marvelous. I especially like the part about the drawing of God by a child.

And while we’re on the subject of God, check out two science humour pieces I wrote a while back that suggest how lucky the scientific world is that certain passages didn’t make their way to the bible (one for stem cell research, and the other for evolutionary biology).


Veer has a lovely animated movie made by Run Wrake, that uses CSA Images (a separate stock art affiliate of the Charles S. Anderson Design Company, which creates images inspired by the highs and lows of art and printed culture: 20th-century advertising cuts, the tactile look of ink on paper, pulp and vintage themes, and American modernism). Go here to watch.